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If you don't understand manufacturing, how can you be intelligent?
If you don't understand manufacturing, how can you be intelligent?
Classification:News Time: 2020-12-09 09:23
【Summary】At the end of October and tongji university master of management science and engineering students had communication, intelligent manufacture they also put forward the problem of 16, the answer, cross-border communication is clearly necessary, from management professional people and people from such engineering professional mechanical and electrical engineering is a big difference, the difference lies in the global field of vision, may not very clear, for details, however, its focus on cost efficiency, overall planning, enterprise strategy, is clearly we often overlooked.

Misconceptions in the intelligent manufacturing boom

For a long time in the past, when it comes to intelligent manufacturing, we will find a lot of understanding of the fragmentation of intelligent manufacturing caused by one-sided understanding, which makes many people have some misunderstanding of intelligent manufacturing

1. The manufacturing itself is know-how

1. The building itself is a Know - How of whether the traditional manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing, its core is still manufacturing, manufacturing itself is a very long history, manufacturing operations management, taylorism, deming circle, TPS, agile manufacturing, this itself is also Know - How, manufacturing of Know - How, manufacturing is an Engineering (Engineering), and How to make the constraints to the economy itself is a Know - How, from the experience of process management, quality Engineering personnel.
If we have a weak foundation for this, then none of the technologies can be implemented on the ground.


2. Technology is inheritance, not separation

People like to intelligent manufacturing and traditional manufacturing split open, like intelligent manufacturing is advanced, in fact, the intelligent manufacturing is not high, intelligent manufacturing, it is only because the personalized demand, must seek a new intelligent technology to help enterprises, it is a kind of forced behavior, and even a sense because of mass production is the most mature, quality reliable, the continuation of intelligent manufacturing is to manufacture, it is a process, from looking for a solution for a few decades ago.


And separate the automatic and intelligent, IT seems that the two are indent of, in fact, automation itself has been quoted new IT technology, combined with the attributes of the industry to develop itself, into the application of problem solving, intelligence itself is not the patent of the so-called AI, automation has been assiduously on the road.

3. Technology is economical


Technology must have economy to advance, however, the economy is the need to constantly test validation process to fall to the ground, not suddenly had the economy, and a lot of intelligent manufacturing method and technology are all involved in the after generations of industry people through constant optimization of engineering - AI because chip cost reduction began to focus on for everyone, digital twin but also for software algorithm accumulates to a certain degree of there is a possibility of the application.


4. Manufacturing must serve strategy

If manufacturing does not serve the development strategy of the enterprise, what kind of enterprise needs manufacturing as its core?For many outsourced production, the OEM is only using human resources. For example, Apple will supply the OEM with equipment and master the technology.
Manufacturing is only a part of the enterprise strategy, if the enterprise itself does not have a clear profit model to win customers.

5. Technology must serve the manufacturing itself

In the design planning stage, manufacturability and quality control must be considered. These all depend on planning, not technology, which determines manufacturing. This logical sequence is demand-pull technology.

6. Intelligent manufacturing is not manufacturing +AI

People to make intelligence gives the AI, it seems that the AI to the smart, in fact, from the perspective of statistical count + brutal force, AI can be part of the solution, however, the industrial data is not large data, this requires accurate DoE (Design of Experiement) Design, build effective testing model, to process validation, because if the large data, especially a large number of failure data - this for machine manufacturers, production line provider means that exit the market, the large data here is unacceptable, so for now,AI must be integrated with mechanism models and solve problems on a limited scale.


Business strategy must be clear to match manufacturing execution

If we don't know what to do, we wouldn't have the value of real play to the technology, because of, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing path must serve the enterprise itself, the basis of the existing various industry status, the personalized needs of different production, different management operating base, talent reserve capacity is different, therefore, intelligent manufacturing is a right direction, or, intelligent manufacturing is a process, rather than a product, what people seem to find it hard to get rid of it is a sure thing of thinking, and not use it as a process of "dynamic" and "iteration", like to buy a pot to cook,Think of intelligent manufacturing as a pot, not as an upgrade of cooking techniques.


For an enterprise, the way to win the competition can be realized by different strategic combinations. For an enterprise, it must focus on solving problems for customers and think -- how can we win customers?What are customer concerns, and will they be in the future?
If individuation is an inevitable trend, then it is necessary for enterprises to think about how to realize differentiated competition. However, there are many ways to realize differentiation and various profit models.


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