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Environmental protection fully automatic plate package machine

The BP series fully automatic battery pole group packaging machine is suitable for the assembly process of lead-acid battery pole group packaging for electric vehicles. The designed production capacity of this product reaches 1600 units/8 hours, and its core technology has been protected by multiple national invention patents (patent number: ZL 2013 1 0095012.2). This machine is a packaging and assembly equipment that integrates single board computer control technology, pneumatic control technology, pneumatic vacuum technology, and precision manufacturing technology.
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Product description

An overview of the
 BP series fully automatic battery group of packages with set of machine, suitable for electric automobile lead-acid battery group of packages in assembly process. The product design production capacity of 1600/8 hours, only to fill the gaps in the field of industry, the international leading technology, the core technology for more than a national invention patent protection.This machine is a single machine control technology, pneumatic control technology, pneumatic vacuum technology and precision manufacturing technology in a body bag piece set of equipment

1, a group of group
2, automatic plastic
3, automatic package PE film
4, automatic into the plastic box or tooling
5, automatic running fault alarm
6, man-machine touch screen interface
7, report query
8, environmental clean
The rest of the functions and requirements can be customized according to user requirements.




The main technical  
parameters Scope of application:

P-2series: 10Ah、12Ah、14Ah、16Ah



Equipment capacity:

1600/8 hours

Equipment power:


The power supply voltage:

AC380V 50HZ three phase four wire system

Gas supply pressure:

Not less than 5 kg/cm2

Ambient temperature:

10 ~ +40℃

Relative humidity:

≯90% (no condensation)


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